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TIER calls for higher safety standards in micromobility sector

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The TIER UK Safety Board called for improved safety standards across the micromobility sector in a report published last week.

The group, which consists of leading charities and transport experts, produced its inaugural interim report after testing recommendations from shared e-scooter operator TIER and consultations with disabled people.

The report produced ten recommendations aimed at improving safety, including the introduction of a 12.5mph speed limit on all e-scooters, the implementation of parking systems not reliant on GPS to improve accuracy, and the requirement for operators to adopt an acoustic vehicle alert sound to warn pedestrians and others road users.

TIER worked closely with the board in drawing up the recommendations, having examined its own safety data and practices, which had contributed to the firm recording zero accidents in its first six months of operating.  

The board also conducted a survey among Sight Loss Councils in order to improve its understanding of the concerns of blind and partially sighted people surrounding e-scooters, with the lack of noise a worry among 96% of respondents.

“For the UK’s e-scooter trials to be successful, safety must be the priority,” said board chair Fred Jones.

“We have listened to the concerns of disabled people, including blind and partially sighted individuals, and worked closely with our Safety Board members to begin shaping standards that can be adopted by the whole industry.

“It is right that e-scooter operators face scrutiny when it comes to issues such as speed and parking, and, working with some of the biggest names in road safety and transport, we hope our recommendations can help to answer some of the major concerns people have. We look forward to working closely with the Safety Board to further these recommendations so that we can create a safer environment for all pedestrians and road users.”

The board is made up of executive director of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety David Davies, UCL associate professor Dr Lena Ciric, Transport for All CEO Kirsty Hoyle, senior manager at Thomas Pocklington Trust Mike Bell, and engagement manager at London Vision Bhavini Makwana.

The full report can be found here.

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