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Spin publishes summary of greenhouse gas emissions for 2020

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Ford-owned micromobility operator Spin published a summary of its greenhouse gas emissions for the year 2020 last week, part of its bid to become carbon negative by 2025.

In a post published by Spin Director of Sustainability Hui Wen Chan, the firm revealed that it had joined more than 100 companies in signing the Climate Pledge, through which it has agreed to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis.

For the year 2020, Spin greenhouse gas emissions totaled 18,533 metric tonnes, the majority of which came from scope 3 activities.

Scope 3 includes indirect emissions from “manufacturing, transportation, and end of life of our scooters to our purchased goods and services, business travel, employee commuting, and remote work”.

Meanwhile, scope 1 activities (direct emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by Spin) accounted for 1,796 metric tonnes, with 675 the result of scope 2 activities (electricity that Spin purchases to power offices and warehouses and charge e-scooters and e-bikes).

“Transparency around sustainability is crucial,” Chan told Zag Daily.

“It’s how we hold ourselves accountable for driving change and making progress towards our climate goals. Our willingness to be transparent also builds trust and enhances our credibility as a company committed to sustainability and addressing climate change.”

Spin e-scooters and e-bikes are powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity and announced in the post that it is now carbon neutral.

The firm achieved this through purchasing high-quality carbon offsets and by supporting the Hebei Guyuan Country DongXinYing 199.5 MW Wind Power Project in China.

Spin operates in more than 90 cities, towns, campuses in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Spain.

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