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Snapshot: strong scooter uptake in Birmingham

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As electric scooter operators begin to share data on a regular basis about the performance of England’s trials, we’re collecting them into one easy-to-find series of snapshots.

First up in this format: Birmingham.

The city’s trial launched on 10 September 2020. In the subsequent two-week period (up to and including 23 September), according to data seen by Zag, riders used Voi e-scooters on 15,000 trips, for an average of 24 minutes per journey.

That tots up to a total distance of around 20,900 miles and a mind-boggling 6.000 hours of use.

To put it another way, Voi riders in Brum have piloted e-scooters over a greater distance than the entire UK coastline, including the islands, in just a fortnight.

15,000 trips; 20,900 miles; 6,000 hours. All in just two weeks.

The company has also built up a local team of 17 people already, with 120 jobs promised for the West Midlands programme over the course of the trial.

Voi also released figures detailing how its Northampton pilot is faring. There, riders have covered 49,700 miles across 40,000 trips, in 24 days.

The numbers tell the story: Britain wants shared e-scooters. It’s now up to legislators now to make sure that these small, sustainable devices can be properly absorbed into the transport mix.

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Photography by

Peter Minnig / Spacesuit Media

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