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Skyports and Unified Aviation unite to accelerate global vertiport roll-out

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Skyports Infrastructure has teamed up with vertical aviation specialists Unified Aviation to scale a cost-effective vertiport solution for air taxi take-off and landing. 

Vertiports typically include infrastructure such as a final approach and take-off area (FATO), charging stations, passenger terminal, and facilities for maintenance and operations.

British Skyports is leveraging Unified Aviation’s Modular Environmentally Sustainable Helipads (MESH) landing platforms, developed through decades of helicopter operations experience. This fast-build technology comes integrated with solar charging, lighting, safety drainage and fire suppression features and takes only 4-6 weeks to assemble. 

“With our years of experience in the Advanced Air Mobility industry, we’re keenly aware of the complexities of developing vertiports,” Skyports CEO Duncan Walker told Zag Daily. 

“Like any large-scale infrastructure project, vertiports have extensive development and planning stages; that’s why we’re starting to build infrastructure now for launch in 2026. Our partnership with Unified Aviation will support our network growth and add critical flexibility to the AAM ecosystem so we can scale as needed. The MESH system will enhance our vertiport networks, enabling us to provide fast-build, cost-effective landing sites that augment our principal vertiports, allowing us to serve more people and places.”

Skyports first vertiports will be located at major hubs like airports, metro stations or shopping malls.

Mark Trotter, Managing Director at Unified Aviation, added: “Our MESH system has been designed with the future in mind. It can cater for today’s helicopters and the future AAM ecosystem, enabling hybrid operations where needed. Our partnership with Skyports will help expand and further establish this innovative system going forward. MESH is built with sustainability in mind, using sustainable materials and the modular nature creates an excellent flexible and rapidly deployable solution.”  

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