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Luna joins Segway-Ninebot’s new CV and AI open platform

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Luna Systems has partnered with global micromobility provider Segway-Ninebot by deploying its Computer Vision (CV) and AI technology across both Segway’s new open platform and its new retrofit camera-based solution.  

The partnership was announced today at Micromobility Europe in Amsterdam.

Segway’s new open platform aggregates computer vision and AI solutions for micromobility, making them available to a wider number of industry operators. 

“Segway Pilot Systems, including the hardware of our S90L Vehicle, Pilot Edge and Software Development Kit (SDK) enables integrations with 3rd party softwares,” Segway-Ninebot’s Vice-President of Robotics and Business Development Tony Ho told Zag Daily. 

“It is an open and non-exclusive platform. Think of it as an App Store for CV/AI micromobility vehicles. The idea is to build a common hardware platform for the industry, therefore lowering entry barriers for developers, encouraging innovations, and ultimately helping the industry scale faster.”

Luna’s software provides high-accuracy algorithmic solutions to prevent rider misbehaviour.

Under the collaboration, operators of S90L vehicles will gain access to Luna’s software, while operators looking for a retrofit solution will have access through Segway-Ninebot’s new Pilot Edge.

Specifically, operators will get Luna’s detection algorithms, powered by localised training, in addition to actionable data and visual confirmation of each errant riding event.

Luna’s CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Fleury told Zag Daily that the initiative amplifies the industry’s access to the latest solutions available for pavement riding, collisions and disorderly parking.

“This approach, comparable to an app store model, is a major win for the industry,” he said. “The flexibility to work with an ecosystem of collaborating suppliers makes perfect sense and comes at a time when safety has never been of such critical importance.”

Luna also provides its own camera-based retrofit solutions and IoT integration on customer vehicles. The firm intends to keep providing this in parallel believing the partnership with Segway will enable faster scale across the global market.

Fleury said he expects the software to be available to Segway’s customer base in the next few months.

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