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reTyre to unveil ‘world’s first’ carbon-neutral tyre

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Tyre manufacturer reTyre will unveil what it claims to be the world’s first carbon-neutral tyre at Eurobike 2024.

The tyre is crafted from 100% reclaimed materials to neutralise the product’s environmental impact, restore ecosystems, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

By using algae, recycled para-aramid fibre, post-consumer recyclate and recycled fish nets, reTyre has reduced the product’s greenhouse gas emissions by 100% compared with conventional tyres.

“While we’re not the first to use recycled fishnets in the tyre industry, I have never known of algae, post-consumer recyclate and recycled para-aramid to be used before,” reTyre Brand Designer Friedemann Ohse, who is leading the Carbon-Neutral Project, told Zag Daily.

“We have learned a lot during this production phase and will use this when we move to mass production.”

Algae, which is incorporated in the tread, is sourced from algae blooms to restore aquatic ecosystems, prevent methane release and prevent eutrophication, which is when harmful algal blooms and dead zones develop after the environment becomes enriched with nutrients. According to reTyre, algae’s negative CO2 equivalent offsets the company’s remaining carbon emissions and contributes to a net-zero impact.

Recycled para-aramid is extracted from used body armour to protect the tyre against puncture, while post-consumer recyclate is sourced from local waste streams which have low levels of carbon dioxide.

“Post-consumer waste is not easy to use but it has an amazing impact. It also reduces the price of the tyre because it’s a waste which nobody wants to use.”

Friedemann anticipates wider use of para-aramid in the near future, and the company is currently implementing the material into many of its own products as well as the carbon-neutral tyre. 

The fourth sustainable material – recycled fish nets – is used for tyre casing. Fish nets are collected from oceans and reduce emissions by 49% and energy use by 15%.

reTyre says the carbon footprint of this tyre is based on a third-party Life Cycle Assessment verification, which includes almost zero emissions from production and transportation processes, and nearly zero end-of-life carbon emissions due to recycling of the tyres.

“This carbon-neutral tyre is at a concept stage and it is a result of continuous innovation that shows what our unique manufacturing is capable of.”

reTyre will be showcasing its full range of sustainable products at Eurobike including its new City Range bicycle tyre models that feature bio-based materials and new tread patterns.

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