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Polestar snaps up micromobility manufacturing tech for carbon neutral car

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Electric performance car brand Polestar has partnered with Swedish startup STILRIDE to use its micromobility manufacturing technology to produce a climate-neutral car by 2030. 

STILRIDE is rewriting the design rules for electro-mobility with a new manufacturing technique dubbed ‘industrial origami’ to build e-mobility products that are lighter, greener and more sustainable.

The technique involves the use of robotic arms to fold steel over curves using minimal materials and components. 

STILRIDE is one of twelve new industry partners that has been specially selected to work with Polestar to bring the ambitious Polestar 0 project to life. 

“Polestar wants to reimagine the manufacturing process by totally eliminating production-related emissions, so that’s what we are going to look into,” STILRIDE’s CEO and Founder Jonas Lindberg Nyvang told Zag Daily. 

“Many electric mobility companies find us interesting because the chassis is less complicated with fewer parts and welds, as we fold from flat sheet steel. This reduces the weight which means you can get more range from the same battery.” 

The technique is currently being used to build a fleet of steel e-motorcycles called the Sport Utility Scooter One (SUS1). This is made almost entirely from a single sheet of recycled steel and has half the carbon footprint of a traditional motorcycle, according to the firm. It is also built using 70% fewer components when the company compared the SUS1 to a Chinese market leader.

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