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Two thirds of London, Paris and New York residents want fewer cars

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Reducing the number of cars across London, Paris and New York is strongly supported by more than two thirds of its citizens, according to a poll conducted by Survation for the Car Free Megacities campaign.

The survey showed that from a sample of 1,073 people in London, 1,095 in Paris and 1,085 in New York, 72%, 66%, and 72% of the population respectively favour the shift.

Giving more space to cyclists and pedestrians as an alternative is seen favourably by a majority in all three capitals (68%, 70% and 71% respectively).

“People are clearly in favour of more car-free spaces in our cities,” Hirra Khan Adeogun, Head of Car Free Cities at climate charity Possible, told Zag Daily. 

“Reprioritising space for people over cars will not only drive down pollution and emissions, it also means more space for communities to thrive, for businesses to draw in customers, and for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people to travel through cities unimpeded.”

Support for city-centres going completely car-free was also wide spread from citizens in London (51%), Paris (45%) and New York (49%). The survey further showed that residents’ top three concerns about cars are dangerous driving, carbon emissions and air pollution.

The Car Free Megacities campaign is calling on the mayors of each of the three cities to take bolder action to reduce car dominance in their cities.

Cathy Lamri of Paris Sans Voiture, and Project Manager for Car Free Megacities in Paris, said: “They [residents] want to live in a peaceful city, where their children can move around safely, breathe clean air, and where nature and biodiversity have their place. All these things will help us build resilient cities that will be able to adapt to climate challenges – the need and the desire for traffic reduction are universal!”

The campaign is a collaboration between Possible, think tank the New Weather Institute, Paris sans Voiture, Brooklyn Spoke, Transportation Alternatives, Westminster University’s Active Travel Academy, and Glimpse, supported by the KR Foundation and Brompton.

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