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Operators discount rides on Cycle to Work Day 2022

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Micromobility operators are encouraging regular drivers to jump on a bike to work today as the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event takes place – Cycle to Work Day 2022.

With more than a quarter of UK emissions coming from transport, the resulting air pollution continues to be the biggest environmental threat with around 36,000 deaths a year attributed to long-term exposure.

To entice people to try a Voi e-bike, the operator is offering new riders 15 minutes of free riding time with discount code CYCLE2WORK. This is valid until Sunday 14 August.

“The high temperatures we are experiencing this summer and the lack of rain in the UK and across Europe has highlighted why more people need to leave their cars at home and jump on an e-bike or e-scooter to help tackle the climate emergency,” Voi’s Head of Public Policy for UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, Matthew Pencharz, told Zag Daily.

“Cycle to Work day is yet another call for people to adopt more sustainable transport modes to commute. At Voi we continue to work with our city partners to deliver a safe, sustainable and reliable service to the local communities, but we also need people to take action, grab a helmet and get on a e-bike. There’s no time to waste!”

Voi’s e-bikes are currently available in Cambridge, Peterborough and Kettering, and will be deployed in Liverpool later this year.

Beryl is running a promotion today too by offering people 30 free minutes + free unlock on bikes.

Beryl’s CEO and Co-Founder Philip Ellis told Zag: “Schemes and incentives like this are important as they can help to inspire more people to take up sustainable travel options, which contributes towards reducing road congestion and improving air quality.

“Swapping the car for a bike has many personal benefits too and can not only reduce stress levels and improve fitness, but also save you money with today’s petrol prices.”

In fact, new research released today by the Blackhawk Network has found that cycling to work could save commuters up to £750 per year, helping households manage expenditure as they navigate the cost-of-living crisis.

The cost of traveling to work, including fuel prices, is cited as a top concern for almost two-thirds (74%) of employees, second only to utility bills (70%). But despite these worries, a quarter (25%) of commuters are not fully aware of the annual savings they could make through the simple transition to cycling.

Additionally, Transport for London found that one of the knock-on benefits of cycling is that it can positively contribute to the local economy by helping increase retail spending by nearly a third. Overall, Cycle UK puts the figure cyclists contribute to the UK economy at around £520m.

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