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Open letter from Uber, Bolt, Voi and others call for stricter air pollution limits

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In an open letter to EU governments, 15 companies and associations including Avere, Superpedestrian, Dott, Voi, MaaS Alliance, Uber and Bolt, advocate for more stringent air pollution standards. 

Together, they express their commitment to actively support the EU’s objective of achieving Zero Air Pollution by 2050.

Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of signatory Avere, told Zag Daily: “Clean air is just a fundamental human right. Avere believes legislation strengthening air quality standards is essential for a healthier Europe and a stronger economy.

“Our commitment to mobility electrification supports the EU’s vision to achieve Zero Air Pollution by 2050, making electrification a pivotal tool in reaching this goal. We stand united with industry partners and urge EU governments to swiftly adopt stricter air pollution limits, ensuring access to clean air for all.” 

Despite advancements made in the last decade, air pollution continues to pose a significant environmental risk to human health. It even adversely affects Europe’s economy, leading to an estimated annual cost of €15 billion in lost working days.

The companies and associations support the EU Commission’s objective to strengthen the Ambient Air Quality Directive and the European air quality standards by 2030 and also align them with the 2021 World Health Organisation’s air quality guidelines by 2035. 

The letter urges national governments to endorse a robust overhaul of the Ambient Air Quality Directive – aligning it with the ambitious stance embraced by the European Parliament in its September 13 vote. They aim to finalise negotiations on the ultimate legislation, before the conclusion of the existing mandates of the EU Commission and Parliament.

Irene Cobián Martín, Director of Global Expansion at Superpedestrian, commented: “Superpedestrian joins other sustainable mobility providers in supporting an ambitious revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directive. 

“Shared e-vehicles can be a key contributor to better air quality, but only if joint ambitions and regulatory frameworks allow for this solution. The adoption of more rigorous standards, in line with the European Parliament’s recent vote, will help create the right environment for private sector companies like Superpedestrian to deliver solutions for cleaner air.”

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