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Number 10 says Transport Bill will pave way for e-scooters

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Number 10 has confirmed that the Transport Bill will pave the way for legislation on private e-scooters despite no specific mention of this in Prince Charles’s delivery of the Queen’s Speech.

A Government spokesperson from Number 10 told Zag Daily: “Safety will always be our top priority and our trials are helping us to better understand the benefits of properly regulated, safety-tested e-scooters and their impact on public space.

“While riding a privately owned e-scooter on public land is currently illegal, we are considering how best to design future regulations and our Transport Bill will help us to take the steps we need to make e-scooters safer and support innovation.”   

Adam Norris, Founder of retailer Pure Electric, said: “We are delighted to see the Government’s commitment to e-scooter legislation. We know that there’s demand for more affordable transport – with over 13 million lower earners in the UK considering using an e-scooter if they were legalised. Amid soaring fuel and rail costs, unlocking the safe and legal use of e-scooters has the potential to revolutionise commuting at a time when people are facing cost of living pressures.

“As the Government progresses, we will continue campaigning for high standards and regulations that protect all road users, so that everyone can enjoy safe and affordable e-mobility.”

Georgia Yexley, TIER’s General Manager for UK and Ireland, commented: “We will welcome the introduction of legislation on private e-scooters and believe that with a thoughtful approach, they can be successfully integrated into our transport mix in a way that works for everyone. It is crucial, however, that private e-scooters are regulated properly to ensure they meet the same rigorous safety, performance and accessibility standards as e-scooters involved in government trials. We will work with the government, accessibility organisations and local authorities to feed in our unique insights from the trials into any upcoming legislation.”

Bird’s General Manager James Padden added: “The industry has a long-standing track record of innovation and is ready to adapt to legislation as well as customer needs. To transform our cities and reach net zero, e-scooters can play a powerful role, provided consumers are empowered to make a conscious, low-carbon transport choice. Regulation that goes too far risks hampering accessibility to such flexible modes of transport for the people that need it most.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps had previously suggested to MPs on the Commons Transport Committee that new legislation would be revealed in the Queen’s Speech.

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