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Nico Roche Racing team joins eSkootr Championship

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The eSkootr Championship has announced that a new team will be entering the inaugural season – Nico Roche Racing.

This means 10 teams will feature in the opening race in May 2022 in London.

The new team’s leader Nico Roche is an Irish former professional road cyclist, Olympian and 24-time Grand Tour veteran.

He regularly rides his own e-scooter and is a big advocate for micromobility. 

By establishing an Irish team, Nico will look to raise awareness of the benefits of this new movement in his home country.

“I am a huge believer in what eSC stands for in terms of accessibility, gender neutrality and sustainability,” said Nico Roche.

“I ride an electric scooter, so I appreciate first-hand the benefits of micromobility and what needs to be done in the regulatory and education space.”


Nico originally participated in the eSC’s rider testing programme before deciding to set up an Irish team.

Khalil Beschir, eSkootr Championship Co-Founder and COO, said: “We have been speaking to Nico about his involvement in the series ever since his first test ride with us. Nico comes from the very highest level of elite sport and is a fantastic advocate for micromobility.

“He is a passionate believer in what we are trying to achieve both on-track and with our wider mission, and is full of ideas for developing the championship and using his team as a platform for sporting and social impact, both in Ireland and around the world.”

Each of the 10 teams participating in the races will have three riders. These riders will be selected from a pool of 35 hopefuls in the Rider Draft in March. All teams will then have two months to prepare themselves ahead of eSC’s first-ever race on 13 to 14 May in London.

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