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New Forest ‘River e-bikes’ drive awareness of UK waterways

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London-based Forest, formally known as HumanForest, has launched a fleet of bright blue ‘River e-bikes’ in support of The Rivers Trust

Available to rent across London until the end of 2023, the company intends to utilise the ‘pop-up’ as a means to highlight the condition of the UK’s waterways and generate funds to help restore them.

With each ride, 5% of revenue will be donated to the environmental charity.

Forest CEO Agustin Guilisasti told Zag Daily: “We believe we are the only micromobility operator to be supporting a river charity at a time when the UK’s waterways desperately need it. As a B Corp, we feel it is our responsibility to contribute to the proactive preservation of the environment we operate within.”

The Rivers Trust are conservation experts with a network of 65 local Trusts across Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland working to ensure healthy rivers and create wildlife corridors.

Wildlife corridors play a crucial role in offering refuge, sustenance, and living spaces for animals, all while contributing to the enhancement of water quality within rivers. 

Alex Adam, Deputy Director Strategy and Stewardship at The Rivers Trust, said: “The race to climate resilience and water security will be won or lost on our rivers – and right now we are losing, only 14% are in good ecological health and every single one fails to meet chemical standards.”

The River e-bikes are the same make and model as the Forest e-bikes and have the same pricing structure of ten minutes free daily and 0.19p per minute. 

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