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Neuron delivers targeted training with new online ScootSafe Academy

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Micromobility operator Neuron is encouraging responsible riding with a new online training platform that delivers targeted modules to those that break the rules. 

The interactive ‘ScootSafe Academy’ was developed with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). 

If a rider breaks the rules or is reported for unsafe riding they can be temporarily suspended from the service. A warning message will be sent to the rider and they will receive a link to a training module specific to their violation in ScootSafe Academy. These include topics ranging from responsible parking, safe conduct and a Master Quiz to refresh their knowledge on the main rules of the road. 

The training modules follow new research by Neuron, which shows that 40% of people want more rider education to make e-scooters safer. 

“We know how much of an impact rider education can make when it’s done well, but it needs to be genuinely engaging, relevant and interactive for riders otherwise it will simply be ignored,” Neuron’s UK Regional Manager Cormac Quinn told Zag Daily.

“The platform targets rule-breakers with relevant training modules to help correct things like bad parking, dangerous riding or other violations. We believe this will go a long way to solving the challenge of making rider education more worthwhile and rewarding, and ultimately it will make our service safer for the whole community.”

Neuron’s ScootSafe Academy will be a digital extension of its in-person ScootSafe events. Last year, these events trained thousands of people across Newcastle, Slough and Sunderland where the firm operates. 

Another study conducted by Opinium on behalf of Neuron found that one in four respondents believe incentives to influence positive riding behaviour would help with responsible riding.

The training platform therefore has incentives to watch educational videos and for participating in quizzes and games. Those who complete the tasks will receive up to £5.50 of free riding credits. 

Riders can access the ScootSafe Academy via a microsite or through the Neuron App for their local riding rules.

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