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Mobility budget firm rebrands to Navit and expands portfolio

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German mobility budget platform Navit, formerly known as Rydes, has rebranded and expanded its mobility subscription services. 

The platform allows companies to set up and manage their mobility budget. Employees can then use the budget to access different transportation options, including bike rentals, car sharing and public transport.

Navit has found that employee preferences for mobility vary depending on factors such as location, age, and living arrangements. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are choosing a mobility budget instead of a company car. 

The new name, which is short for “navigate it”, embodies the company’s goal of helping organisations and their employees navigate through mobility behaviour changes.

René Braun, Navit CEO and Co-Founder, told Zag Daily they enable companies to manage their employees mobility with just a few clicks. 

“No paperwork anymore since everything is 100% digital,” said Braun. “The organisation connects their HR, payroll and tax tools with Navit and saves valuable time so they can focus on the things that really matter.” 

Car sharing

Navit is expanding its partnership with car subscription startup Finn Auto offering users more flexibility and convenience in their mobility choices. 

Organisations have the option to provide their employees with a flexible car subscription that covers all expenses associated with their personal vehicle, including maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

The billing of the so-called JobAuto takes place via the monthly salary. Employees can save up to 50% of the monthly subscription price through salary sacrifice.

Carbon emissions offset

Focusing on sustainability, Navit also automatically offsets employees’ entire transport carbon emissions.
“Companies decide which certified project should be used to offset their entire CO2 footprint and Navit, together with their offsetting partner Squake, takes care of the rest,” said Braun.

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