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Milton Keynes gets a parking patrol, courtesy of Lime

A team mounted on e-scooters is now patrolling the streets of Milton Keynes with one aim in mind: to correct badly parked scooters.

The initiative was launched yesterday by micromobility operator Lime, which is providing shared e-scooters in the city alongside Spin and Ginger. The parking operatives will reposition scooters that have been carelessly parked, while also offering advice to riders and sanitising scooters.

The news report revealed than Lime e-scooters have been upright 98% of the time, over the first month of the trial programme. Riders using the Lime fleet have covered 28,500 miles in 20,000 trips.

Our take


All operators field “ambassadors” who help new riders get familiar with scooters, particularly in the first few days of a new trial location opening up.

By deploying these personnel on patrol, issues can be identified and corrected far more quickly. Using the e-scooters themselves to get around keeps operations low-carbon and helps show residents what considerate riding looks like. And the initiative will help boost local employment.

This mobile team format is something we would like to see imitated in all trial zones by all operators. RR

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Photography by

Filip Gierlinski / Spacesuit Media

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