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Metrucks heavy-duty 4-wheel cargo bike goes global

Last-mile manufacturer Metrucks has partnered with Nijland Cycling and subsidiary brand Cargo Cycling to rapidly scale the development of its four-wheeled e-cargo bike internationally. 

The Doer e-quadricycle boasts modular building blocks which can be customised to customer needs, as well as a reinforced weatherproof cabin for enhanced comfort. It features ergonomic seating, a swappable recyclable battery, and a small turning circle combined with a reverse gear for manoeuvring. It can also turn into a pedelec version for convenient parking and use on bike lanes. 

Dutch bike brand Nijland Cycling will oversee the final assembly of the Doer vehicles, while German brand Metrucks takes responsibility for production and sales in Germany, and Cargo Cycling leads on sales outside of Germany. 

“By adding the Doer to the Cargo Cycling portfolio, we become the only brand offering a two-wheeler, three three-wheeler solutions with different volume cargo boxes, and a high-volume four-wheeler,” Cargo Cycling Chief Commercial Officer Jeroen Beumer told Zag Daily. “We can now offer the right cargo bike solutions for every type of business.”

Cargo Cycling will be offering the Doer and its own e-cargo trike – the Chariot FS2 – for large parcel and post operators as well as last-mile logistics operators, with production due to commence in Q4 2024.

“Some customers prefer to work with three-wheelers and others prefer four-wheelers. With the Doer we have a four-wheeler that matches our Chariot FS2 in terms of quality, rider comfort, ease of maintenance, and it has a fantastic design. This ensures we can always meet our customers’ needs, no matter what their preferences are.”

The partnership was announced at the Eurobike 2024 conference in Frankfurt.

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