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Lime steps into Doha in new advance in the Middle East

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The micromobility company Lime has announced it will start offering its service in Doha, Qatar.

Both Lime’s Gen4 e-scooters and Gen4 e-bikes will be available to hire via the Lime app. An ‘end trip photo’ of the parked vehicle will be required to ensure responsible parking.

The move is part of the company’s plans to expand in the Middle East. Lime recently launched in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Mohamed Abouhussein, Regional General Manager for Middle East and Africa at Lime, told Zag Daily the company will add one more city from the region this quarter.

 “Expanding our regional footprint to Doha and Abu Dhabi is a demonstration of our commitment and aspirations for the region,” said Abouhussein. “We plan to add one more city this quarter, and will continue to expand our service in current cities and consider future expansion opportunities.”

Abouhussein said there is growing demand for micromobility in the Middle East, and cities are investing in improved infrastructure to support this. “These are moves that we fully back and we’re optimistic will result in the launch of successful micromobility schemes in the region.”

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have become the mode of the moment among micromobility companies. 

With a highly urban and young populace, there is huge market potential to provide environmentally-friendly mobility in cities to meet net-zero targets.In Qatar, the latest edition of FIFA World Cup sent usage soaring.

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