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Lime sets up Parking Wardens to reward responsible parking

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Lime launched ‘Lime Parking Wardens’ across central London ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend to reward its e-bike and e-scooter riders that parked responsibly with a free ride. 

The ‘Good Parking Notices’, which were stationed near busy e-scooter bays including Covent Garden and Soho, aim to educate riders on what constitutes considerate parking. This includes parking e-scooters in designated parking bays, avoiding blocking pedestrian walkways, parking away from private properties and staying clear of accessibility ramps. Last Friday, Lime handed out between 150-200 free rides.

This is just one of a package of measures Lime has introduced to prevent bad parking in London. 

The package follows Westminster City Council’s decision to begin seizing dockless bikes left blocking roads and pavements in its borough earlier this month. 

Lime has also expanded its foot patrol team by 50% during the busy summer period to move any e-bikes or scooters that have been misparked. 

Other measures include fining and banning repeat offenders of misparked vehicles, as well as removing any vehicles that are reported as being parked inconsiderately within one hour.

“Lime is focused on ensuring our riders always park responsibly,” Lime’s Senior Public Affairs Manager for UK and Ireland, Hal Stevenson, told Zag Daily. “We want to partner with local authorities, other operators and wider stakeholders to solve parking issues in the long term, helping to meet cycling and climate goals and keep London riding green. We’ll be rolling out our parking wardens across London in September, alongside a wider package of measures to more effectively manage bike parking in high usage zones. Watch this (parking) space!”

To report the inconsiderate parking of an e-bike or e-scooter, users and members of the public can contact

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