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Industry calls for sustainable mobility mission from Labour before general election 

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Zag Daily spoke with industry experts on what they think the Labour Party’s priorities for new mobility and transport should be as its Annual Party Conference in Liverpool draws to a close.  

With the next UK general election scheduled no later than January 2025, the Labour Party is currently defining its priorities. 

Labour’s goals are broken down into five missions: economic growth, clean energy, NHS, safe streets and opportunity.

The Labour Party points to the lack of investment as leading to a high-cost, low-reliability transport network. As part of its ‘get Britain building again’ agenda, it plans to accelerate the building of critical infrastructure for transport. 

Labour would also promote the development of additional active travel options, including walking and cycling. Improved services and infrastructure will be needed to make active mobility a reliable option. 

Amidst the current watering down of environmental policies by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, CoMoUK Chief Executive Richard Dilks, told Zag: “It is great to see the Labour Party affirming a commitment to net zero and an accessible and sustainable transport system. 

“As a general election draws closer, we see a huge opportunity for it to get behind the decarbonising growth story that is shared transport: bike, scooter, car and lift sharing as well as DRT (demand-responsive transport). These options cut costs for people, improve their air quality and de-car their local areas while supporting public and active transport – all speeding up our transition to net zero.”

Advancing net zero in transport will take a comprehensive approach. In order to reduce reliance on cars, alternatives must be made available and supported by the government. 

Benjamin Bell, Senior Director of shared operator Tier, told Zag: “Labour should double down on ways to get people relying less on cars and more on sustainable options of getting around. 

“That includes pushing to legislate for a long-term, citizen-centric, regulatory framework for shared micro-mobility.”

Zag spoke with sustainable last mile delivery provider Zedify to get its take on where Labour should be spending its money. 

“In the run-up to the next general election we are calling on Labour to set out a clear vision backed up by ambitious policies to usher in an active travel and transport revolution across the country,” said Sam Keam, Zedify’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

“As we’ve shown at Zedify, cargo bikes and other low-impact interventions like clean air zones and active travel infrastructure can play a massive role in cutting carbon emissions, cleaning up the air in our towns and cities, and freeing up our congested and dangerous roads. 

“Research also shows that investment in cycling and walking pays back big dividends, both in terms of fostering more economic activity on high streets, but also by reducing the burden on our NHS. It’s time to prioritise a big push towards cleaner and healthier towns and cities that is also fully aligned with our national net zero commitments.” 

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