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HumanForest widens loyalty programme with Earth & Wheat partnership

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British micromobility operator HumanForest has expanded its TreeCoins loyalty programme by resuming an in-app partnership with Earth & Wheat. The companies established an initial 3-month partnership at the start of the year and have now reconnected.

Earth & Wheat is a service that delivers food that would otherwise have gone to waste due to appearance standards or overproduction. It connects UK bakeries and farmers with customers looking to reduce food waste and is considered by HumanForest a natural ally to promote a positive impact on the planet.

As part of the new partnership, Earth & Wheat will feature on HumanForest’s TreeCoins Market.

The programme’s concept is based on the idea that riding one mile on a HumanForest e-bike prevents the same amount of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere as one average-sized tree captures in one day. For every five miles a user rides, they earn one TreeCoin (which equates to one-minute extra free riding).

Now, users that redeem 20 TreeCoins are entitled to a free Wonky Bread Box from Earth & Wheat. HumanForest users will also receive a 50% discount on their first box of wonky food by using the code BIKE50.

Michael Stewart, HumanForest’s Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, told Zag Daily: “We are the only shared e-bike service with a unique offering such as the TreeCoins Market, whereby through pedalling we’re able to connect our community with sustainable products from our like-minded partners.”

By introducing the loyalty programme, HumanForest is hoping to demonstrate that making sustainable lifestyle choices does not need to come at a price. Instead, by choosing to move around the city in low-carbon ways, both people and the planet can benefit, said the operator.

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