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Uber Eats named HumanForest’s first e-moped delivery partner

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Uber Eats is the first delivery company to gain access to HumanForest’s e-moped fleet.

The partnership means that HumanForest is giving discounted rides to Uber Eat’s couriers who use the food delivery app in London.

This is designed to make it more affordable for couriers to use an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. 

Couriers will benefit from a 10% discount on minute bundles that can be purchased through the HumanForest app. Riding an e-moped will cost £2.25 per hour, which includes fleet maintenance, battery charging and parking services.

Uber Eats couriers will also receive up to 90% discount on the standard 19p per minute rate on the company’s e-bikes.

This partnership is part of HumanForest’s scheme to target couriers who need to replace their current moped within the next 6 months, as well as those who work part-time with no upfront costs.

The increased use of e-bike services to serve Q-commerce is one of HumanForest Co-Founder Caroline Seton’s top six trends to watch this year.

Both companies hope that by joining forces, they can contribute to the Mayor of London’s target of achieving net-zero carbon by 2030.

Charlotte Pepperell, Interim Head of Partnerships at HumanForest, told Zag Daily: “We’re really looking forward to this partnership with Uber Eats; both quick commerce and shared mobility have seen considerable growth in the last few years, so it feels only natural to collaborate and combine our strengths and expertise. By working together to make sustainable travel options affordable and convenient for couriers, Uber Eats couriers are able to positively impact our city by choosing a cleaner and greener mode of transport, helping to reduce travel emissions.”

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