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HumanForest launches London’s first on demand shared e-moped service

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Micromobility operator HumanForest is today launching London’s first ever on demand shared e-moped scheme.

The trial consists of 200 e-mopeds that will be rented by business delivery riders across London.

In keeping with the HumanForest business model, all users will be given five free minutes riding per day. Rides will cost £0.20p per minute thereafter. Alternatively, customers can buy minute bundles allowing them to ride from £1.50 per hour.

“We are super excited to be able to offer London’s delivery drivers the first truly green, shared e-moped service,” HumanForest’s Co-Founder and Head of Marketing Michael Stewart told Zag Daily.

“We offer companies flexibility by being able to purchase minute bundles as and when they are needed, rather than being tied to a subscription service – complementing the on demand nature of the delivery industry.”

Combustion mopeds are the most popular vehicle for on demand deliveries and yet e-mopeds are used for just 5% of these deliveries, according to HumanForest.

The vehicles will be powered by 100% certified renewable energy. With the fleet fully managed and serviced by the HumanForest team, users do not have to pay for fuel or battery charge, and will also make daily savings on London’s ULEZ costs.

HumanForest estimates that it can remove the need for up to 3,000 combustion mopeds, while for every mile ridden on an e-moped, around 130g of CO2 is prevented from being released into London’s air.

The e-mopeds are available to hire from certain areas of central London, close to important transport links and busy high streets. Public and solo parking bays are visible on the firm’s app.

All riders will undergo safety and compliance checks and must upload their Compulsory Basic Training certificate or driver’s licence to the app.

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