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HumanForest challenges help cyclists make bigger impact beyond pedalling

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London e-bike operator HumanForest has partnered with tech firm Acer to host two in-app challenges to draw attention to the wider impact their cycling is having on the environment.

Across the two month partnership, Acer will be sponsoring two different challenges, with particular focus on the amount of CO2 saved. 

For the first challenge, Acer has pledged to plant a tree for every 20km ridden by a HumanForest customer. 

The other challenge will see two HumanForest users win an Aspire Vero laptop simply by pedalling. The top 50 customers who save the most CO2 while riding with HumanForest will be placed in a draw, and one winner randomly selected for each month of the partnership. 

The Aspire Vero laptop is a newly designed PC made from 30% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR Plastic), contributing to around a 20% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to the production of a standard laptop. Acer has pledged that for every Aspire Vero purchased, 100 trees will be planted.

“HumanForest challenges are a unique feature with gamification elements, designed to encourage riders to participate in making a bigger impact through cycling,” HumanForest’s Interim Head of Partnerships Charlotte Pepperell told Zag Daily. 

“By hosting this challenge with us, and providing riders with an opportunity to win an Aspire Vero laptop, Acer is bringing its sustainability goals into the spotlight in an alternative and dynamic way, with real world results.” 

Besides the challenges, HumanForest will also share Acer’s Aspire Vero laptop messaging in its app to further reinforce the sponsorship and share their sustainability campaign.

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