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FIM and EBK GP team up to launch first global e-bike racing series

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The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has signed a deal with sports promoter EBK GP to launch a new e-bike racing series – the FIM EBK World Cup.

With the ambition to become the premier global e-bike series, the FIM EBK World Cup is the first series dedicated to high-speed, criterium-style, e-bike racing globally. 

The new series is gender-inclusive, with a mission to champion the adoption of clean mobility solutions through sport. 

EBK GP will organise, stage and promote the series from 2023-2024, which will then evolve into an FIM World Championship by 2025. This can then be extended until 2031 if the required sporting standards are met in the initial four seasons.

EBK GP founder Andy Moss (left) completes the process of FIM sanctioning with FIM President Jorge Viegas

The first season is set to take place in the summer of 2023 and will consist of four to six events on at least two continents. 

Each participating EBK team will have six riders, three male and three female, with a minimum of six teams competing, and a maximum field of 60 riders drawn from 10 teams.

Andy Moss, EBK Series Founder, told Zag Daily: “Our sanctioning by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme is a foundational step for EBK GP as we build towards our first races later this summer; it provides a globally respected framework of rules and regulations under which we will operate, and connects EBK to an international network of national sports associations who can assist in developing our racing presence in cities on all continents.” 

The series will kick off with a proof of concept season in 2023, followed by a global expansion to host cities around the world for season one in 2024. 

Cycle manufacturer BMC will provide the championship with a bespoke and advanced racing e-bike. 

More details regarding the initial calendar for 2023, the official BMC race bike, and a lineup of riders will be unveiled in the lead-up to the first EBK race this summer.

FIM President Jorge Viegas said: “It is important that the FIM has a clear future strategy to embrace and engage with developing two-wheel equal gender disciplines and technical challenges in order to complement our more established and traditional motorcycle disciplines.”

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