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Electric Rider Alliance sets sail to level the playing field for small EVs

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Micromobility Industries has today launched a new not-for-profit membership organisation called Electric Rider Alliance at its summit in San Francisco. 

The aim is to allow the small electric vehicle ecosystem to thrive in the transportation industry through standards, lobbying and governance both in the US and internationally. 

As part of the plan, Micromobility Industries said it would conduct comprehensive research to understand the unique challenges faced by small electric vehicle companies in comparison to larger auto manufacturers or traditional, non-electric, small vehicle makers.

Zag asked Micromobility Industries Co-Founder and CEO James Gross what he thinks some of these unique challenges are.

“In talking with hundreds of CEOs of micromobility companies I’d say it is all unique,” said Gross.

“It would be like if at the turn of the 20th century Henry Ford went to the horse carriage Industry for support or Karl Benz and Ferdinand Porsche went to the early aviation industry to represent them. Cars or pedal bikes aren’t small electric vehicles. The growth in the industry shows they need their own alliance much like these other groups have theirs.” 

Internally, the Alliance will educate member companies through seminars, workshops and training sessions on topics related to compliance, market trends and emerging technologies. 

Externally, it will inform policymakers and the broader public about the significance of supporting small electric vehicle companies and the positive impacts they contribute to healthcare, the economy, and the environment.

To measure its impact, Gross laid out step by step how its effectiveness will be evaluated: “The first step is clear category definitions, we have tried to do this with micromobility as an example, and we will continue to hone in on definitions that everyone can understand and agree on. Standards that make sense for the future, not the past. 

“Give the ecosystem a roadmap and time to build and innovate with the regulation coming (batteries, vehicle classifications, infrastructure, charging, storage and more). 

“Existing and new dealer networks that are set up to sell and service these new products. Incentives that make sense for the fact that this ecosystem is cleaner, healthier and faster than other solutions.” 

Members will connect through annual conferences and events to foster collaboration between small electric vehicle companies and relevant stakeholders, including suppliers, investors, and government agencies.

On the international scale it will promote partnerships with similar organisations around the world to share best practices and collaborate towards common goals. The group will also promote the interests of U.S. small electric vehicle companies in international forums and discussions.

In order to attract members, it will launch a membership drive with resources, support, and guidance to navigate the evolving transportation landscape.

To become a member, interested parties can receive more information at

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