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Eight in 10 believe more needs to be done to encourage helmet use

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Eight out of 10 people in the UK think more needs to be done to encourage helmet use among e-scooter riders, a new poll has found.

Shared e-scooter operator Neuron commissioned the research to coincide with its first annual Helmet Safety Awareness Week, with more than 2,000 respondents across the UK taking part.

Of those polled, 83 per cent believe that e-scooter riders should use a helmet, while seven out of 10 said they would choose to wear protection if it was provided by the operator.

More than half think that helmets should be mandatory in the UK and 68 per cent said that operators should provide riders with a helmet.

International research has shown that 28 per cent of e-scooter related injuries occur to the head or neck, with Neuron allocating £100,000 to incentivise helmet use and safe riding.

The operator will also be holding a series of ScootSafe events across the country, while Neuron Safety Ambassadors will be available to provide safety briefings.

“It’s great to be launching our first ever Helmet Safety Awareness Week in the UK,” said George Symes, UK Regional Manager at Neuron Mobility.

“As the polling shows, people want to see e-scooter operators doing more to promote safe riding and helmet use, and as a responsible operator we agree. That’s why we’ve committed over £100,000 towards activities and incentives during Helmet Safety Awareness Week as well as re-doubling our efforts on the ground to educate riders directly.”

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