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E-scooter use set for vaccine bounce, study finds

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E-scooter usage looks set to skyrocket once the COVID-19 vaccine becomes widely available, a new global survey has indicated.

A consumer sentiment survey conducted by global research firm the Oliver Wyman Forum found that 76% of responders would feel more comfortable using a shared e-scooter or bicycle once vaccines are widely available than they would today.

Meanwhile, 87% would feel more comfortable using a personal e-scooter or bicycle than they would have previously.

The survey of 5,577 people across the US, China, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain aimed to measure how preferences regarding different modes of transportation and sustainability had changed during the pandemic, and would continue to change beyond it.

The results showed that while “mobility substitutes” such as remote working, e-learning, online shopping and e-healthcare were here to stay, the use of private and shared e-scooters would see a dramatic increase as the vaccine continues to be rolled out.

The study also found that sustainability was an increasing priority for respondents, with 65% of people surveyed now willing to buy or lease an electric vehicle, compared to 24% at the start of the pandemic.

Oliver Wyman Forum partner and global head of energy Francois Austin told Zag: “Our findings show that habits adopted during the pandemic are here to stay for the short to medium term. However, while people are choosing private modes of transport, sustainability is now top of mind as shown by the level of willingness to buy or lease an electric vehicle.

“In addition, people are increasingly opting for micromobility solutions. 76% of respondents said they are now more comfortable with using shared bicycles or e-scooters, and 87% of respondents with personal bicycles or e-scooters since before the start of the pandemic.”

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