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Dott riders travel 81 million kilometres in 2023 

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Dott has reported that its 50,000 shared e-scooters and e-bikes have been ridden more than 81 million kilometres in 2023.

This is the equivalent to more than 2,000 times around the world or 210 trips taken to the moon.

Dott offers this finding as part of an end-of-year reflection which measures its shared vehicle usage in cities across Europe, placing the operator in line with its manifesto goals.

“Throughout 2023 we’ve been successful in some major tender wins and renewals including London, Madrid and Rome,” Dott Co-founder Henri Moissinac told Zag Daily.

 “We’re well placed to continue growing demand for our service, encouraging more people to reduce their reliance on cars.”

Dott reported that the average trip distance has increased by 8% since 2022, reaching 2.47 kilometres per trip. The operator surpasses its manifesto pledge with this finding, which aims for more than 30% of trips to be multimodal and an average trip of more than 2 kilometres in cities.

“Increased average distance shows that our shared services are being used for either a whole journey or to connect to public transport. Rather than just supporting the first and last mile, an average trip of nearly 2.5km shows that our vehicles are being used for longer journeys across city centres,” Henri said.

“That figure equates to moving from Trafalgar Square in the West End to St Pauls, a significant distance which is more likely to be replacing a car than someone walking.”

Dott also found that its most popular riding time was between 5pm and 7pm on weekdays, indicating that commuters in particular are opting for the service.


Also supporting regular use of the service is Dott’s pass – an alternative to paying for rides as you go – which increased by 50% since 2022 with more than half of users regularly riding at a discounted price.

Paris is one city that Dott has its eye on for the new year.

“Since the vote to ban shared e-scooters in Paris, we have seen a surge in use of our e-bikes. This shows that people have looked to replace the efficient, convenient and sustainable form of transport they’ve come to rely on and are continuing to choose two-wheel options rather than returning to cars. 

“We are continuing to grow our e-bike service in Paris, ahead of the Olympics there next summer. This is a major focus for us, with huge numbers of visitors expected in the city. We look forward to supporting the city in helping people to choose environmentally friendly travel whilst they are there.”

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