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Dott reports 46 per cent increase in shared e-scooter riders

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E-scooter operator Dott reported a 46 per cent increase in riders across Europe during the first part of September compared to pre-summer.

Dott compared rider data from early September to an equivalent period before the summer holidays, with the surge in demand for shared e-scooter rides coming amid more workers returning to the office.

With 40,000 Dott e-scooters now available for hire across 28 European cities, the firm recently expanded into Scandinavia with the launch of services in Oslo and Helsinki.

Compared to the same period in 2020, rider numbers have risen by 106 per cent, with 25 per cent of riders now using Dott passes.

Dott passes allow riders to save on their trips by paying in bundles.

Mapping technology shows that the most popular time for travel is between 5pm and 7pm, with another clear peak between 7am and 9am.

The average journey distance in the largest cities is over 3km, with some Dott e-scooters now having travelled over 3,500km.

Dott’s latest usage figures have been released to coincide with European Mobility Week.

“We believe that our e-scooters can help to make the cities we operate in more pleasant places to be, with less pollution and congestion,” said Henri Moissinac, Dott CEO and co-founder.

“As habits change coming out of the pandemic, many people are paying more attention to the environmental impact of their choices. The growth that we have seen as commuting habits return after the holidays shows that more people are choosing shared micromobility as the most efficient way to travel across a city in a sustainable way.”

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