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Dott replaces 21 million kilometres of polluting travel

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Micromobility operator Dott replaced approximately 21 million kilometres of polluting travel last year, according to its 2023 Sustainability Report.

This equates to avoiding more than 2,250 tonnes of CO2.

By referring to Dott’s 2023 rider survey, the report found that 62% of riders who previously travelled by car, taxi or ride-hail have reduced their usage of these modes since using Dott’s vehicles.

“In 2023, we expanded our service areas to more suburban communities in Paris, Rome, Stockholm, and Tel Aviv to support the travel of commuters who live in these peripheral areas,” Dott Chief Development Officer Laurent Kennel told Zag Daily.

“18% of our riders now live in the suburbs of the cities we serve, and this figure is as high as 43% in Grenoble and 37% in Turin, where we’ve already operated throughout the greater metropolitan area for several years. 

“This expansion connects our riders to more destinations across the metropolitan area, as 33% of riders use Dott to reach areas inaccessible by public transport.”

In total, Dott recorded more than 80 million kilometres travelled last year, and its number of vehicles increased from approximately 48,000 in 2022 to almost 52,000 in 2023 while the operator entered three new cities.

Though Dott saw one million fewer trips on its vehicles in 2023 compared with 2022, the report finds that the average distance of these journeys increased.

In 2022, the average journey distance on an e-bike was 2.8 kilometres which increased by 7% to three kilometres in 2023. For Dott’s e-scooters, the average distance was 2.2 kilometres in 2022 and increased by 4% to 2.3 kilometres in 2023.

Dott also reduced its waste by 49% and its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by extending the lifespan of 18,000 vehicles, and reworking 10,000 components such as IoT modules and motors. 

According to the report, extending the life of 18,000 vehicles for an estimated four years means Dott will save 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions and divert 400 tons of waste from disposal. 

Dott is focused on circularity to postpone the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping new vehicles which leads to Dott’s largest share in total emissions.

The 2023 Sustainability Report covers Dott’s operations before it merged with Tier earlier this year, and the sustainability goals and achievements of the joint company will be evaluated in the 2024 sustainability report.

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