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Dott raises £61m to fund European expansion plans

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Dott, the Dutch-French micromobility company, has raised $85 million (£61m) in its latest round of funding to help fuel its expansion plans in the UK and Europe.

Since the company launched in October 2018, it has grown to have a live fleet of over 30,000 e-scooters across five countries.

It is also one of the operators offering shared e-scooters in Paris and is heavily rumoured to have one of the three tenders to operate in London from next month.

While there has been no official announcement about which e-scooter operators have won the contracts for London, in this recent statement about the funding, Dott said the investment will be used “to expand in new cities and countries, for example in Spain and the UK”.

The competition for the UK’s e-scooter trial locations has essentially ended, so unless Dott is one of the operators for the capital, it will be waiting until at least spring 2022 to launch any further services there.

Dott said the funding will also be used to launch e-bike services in European cities from this summer and it said it would “raise standards on sustainability” with a new Sustainability Board.

This board “will lead with concrete actions to offer the most sustainable mobility service to transform European cities”.

Henri Moissinac, Dott CEO and co-founder, said: “We think we have a winning formula now, combining operational excellence, hardware & software expertise, collaboration with city stakeholders and capital efficiency.

“Thanks to our new and existing investors, our aim is now to accelerate, serve more users and more cities, in the most reliable and affordable way possible.”

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