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Ditching cars for Neuron e-scooters could save £3,000+ a year

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Neuron has found that motorists in the UK who shift from cars to the operator’s shared e-scooters could save more than £3,000 a year.

Neuron considered that motorists pay £9.74 on average a day to own and run a private car in the UK, following research by the personal finance site NimbleFins.

Switching to a rental e-scooter for the daily commute costs £1.20 per day with Neuron’s monthly subscription pass. This switch could save commuters over £256 a month or £3,074 per year.

Neuron’s 2022 annual rider survey showed that more Newcastle residents incorporated e-scooters into their daily routines.

“Our research shows a clear upward trend of people using e-scooters to replace car journeys – 40% in 2022 versus 30% in 2021 — and this will certainly have a positive impact on people’s wallets as well as cities’ air quality amid rising fuel costs and the cost of living crisis,” Cormac Quinn, Neuron Mobility UK Regional Manager, told Zag Daily.

Quinn also highlighted that e-scooters are an inexpensive and convenient alternative to cars, particularly for short trips into and out of the city centre.

Modal shift

Alongside improving workers’ commutes and saving money, e-scooters are helping to reduce
congestion and emissions, and boost the local economy.

Neuron’s ‘Shared Rides, Shared Wealth’ report revealed that seven in ten e-scooter journeys result in a purchase at a local business, which is bringing in £8.9m a year to Newcastle’s economy.

Ian Thomas, Destination Director at the promotion agency NewcastleGateshead, said: “Neuron Scooters have been a fantastic addition to Newcastle’s transport provision, providing safe, sustainable and cost-effective travel options for those living, working and travelling around the city centre.

“Linking consumers to businesses across the city has been a vital boost to the local economy and we welcome seeing this continue.”

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