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Delivery Mates unites with Yodel to transform deliveries in Scotland’s largest city

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Last-mile logistics provider Delivery Mates has partnered with one of the UK’s largest parcel carriers Yodel in a brand new operation to serve sustainable delivery in Glasgow. 

The strategic partnership will initially utilise 12 e-cargo bikes that will increase to 20, enhancing last-mile delivery in the Scottish city and reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Delivery Mates, which has served in five countries across Europe and delivered parcels for Amazon, Just Eat and Laundryheap, will work with Yodel to ramp this up to more than 110 e-cargo bikes daily.

“Our partnership with Yodel aims to enhance last-mile delivery efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and improve customer satisfaction,” Delivery Mates COO Kevin Savage told Zag Daily.

“Glasgow presents distinct challenges for urban logistics. By using cargo bikes, we aim to overcome obstacles like traffic congestion and limited parking while promoting eco-friendly deliveries.”

Thanks to the agility of cargo bikes which enables them to weave through urban environments, their introduction to cycle lanes, in accordance with Glasgow’s unique one-way system, will reduce travel times and parking difficulties encountered by both vans and e-vans. 

Replacing vans is nothing new for Delivery Mates. Operating one of London’s first micro-logistics hub trials last year, the company removed up to 12 vans per day from the streets of Westminster, with 10 London boroughs set to follow suit.

On the partnership, CEO of Yodel Mike Hancox commented: “We are really looking forward to working with Delivery Mates and expanding our delivery services in Glasgow. We are proud of the progress we have already made on our journey towards net zero and this partnership further signifies our commitment to sustainable delivery options and reducing our climate impact.”

Yodel has seen significant growth in the last five years, serving 50 locations nationwide and delivering more than 190 million parcels per year.

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