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Dance launches e-bike subscription service in Berlin

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Micromobility provider Dance has launched its first e-bike subscription service in Berlin after unveiling its new bike, Dance One.

Subscribers will be required to pay $79 per month for unlimited access to a new e-bike and on-demand repair services, which can be scheduled using the Dance App.

Established by SoundCloud founders Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung, along with the co-founder of Jimdo, Christian Springub, Dance raised nearly $18 million in funding prior to launching.

A few hundred bikes are now available in Berlin, with Dance planning on rolling out thousands more in the coming weeks.

Dance One has a custom aluminum frame and can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, with a removable battery with a range of 34 miles.

Dance has operated a pilot scheme in Berlin featuring hundreds of riders and thousands of journeys in preparation for the launch.

Members are required to use their e-bike responsibly and can have their subscription ended if they are reported for riding unsafely.

“Dance’s offering is compelling to the conscious consumer who is looking for a more active, mindful and beautiful way to travel,” said Dance Germany General Manager Caterina Kiehntopf.

“By launching formally in Berlin after a year of testing and improving, I’m looking forward to Dance bringing our service to my hometown of Berlin, and later on, more cities within Germany. The e-bike’s distinctive colour and design, easy-to-use app and service, paired with flexible membership options, are ideal for people looking to make their lifestyle more sustainable and active – and could encourage adoption of greener, more active transportation worldwide.”

E-bikes have proved to be a popular mode of transport in Germany, with sales up more than nine per cent in the first half of 2021 compared to a year earlier.

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