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Dance and Miles partner for more sustainable mobility choices

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E-bike and e-moped subscription firm Dance has partnered with car-sharing provider Miles to offer customers a wider range of sustainable urban mobility options.

Launching this week in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, the partnership combines e-bikes and shared cars in a seamless experience for users to explore different means of transport within cities.

The cooperation aims to encourage customers to choose more environmentally-friendly options that are suitable for their needs, whether that is a short e-bike ride or a long journey in a shared car.

As part of the partnership, Dance users will receive a Miles discount code directly within the app to sign up for the car-sharing service. In turn, Miles subscribers will get a Dance code along with their signup link.

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Founder and CEO at Dance, told Zag Daily the partnership offers “a holistic transportation solution that combines the best of e-bikes and shared cars. 

“By connecting our platforms, we aim to simplify the urban mobility experience and empower users to make smarter, greener choices when navigating the city.”

Miles Head of Business Development Leonard Meier highlighted the user-centric approach of this strategy.

“Since Miles and Dance users have already chosen a more sustainable form of mobility, the partnership aims to make it easier for them to explore other players in this field as well – and thus to ultimately get around even more flexibly.”

Both companies are committed to offering cost-effective alternatives to car ownership, ensuring that sustainable and accessible mobility remains affordable for users. 

Besides Germany, Dance also operates in Vienna (Austria) and Paris (France). Miles offers station-independent car sharing in nine cities in Germany and three cities in Belgium.

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