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Dance caps 10,000 users and secures new funding 

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Electric mobility subscription service Dance has surpassed 10,000 members within little over a year since its official launch.

Dance currently offers its e-bikes and e-mopeds, repairs and theft insurance through a subscription across five European cities: Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna.  

Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Dance Founder and CEO, told Zag Daily: “At Dance, we have always been committed to providing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, and this surge in demand underscores the importance of our mission. We are excited to continue leading the way in the e-mobility industry and shaping the future of transportation.

“Especially over the past months, the mobility sector has witnessed drastic changes, and I’m expecting to see even more dynamic developments in the future. Hence, we are even more thrilled about the growing demand we are experiencing.”

Dance has also welcomed new investors. Though the micromobility company would not disclose the funding amount, the recent influx of funding comes from 4P Capital, Giovanni Domenichini (GDTRE), Carl Pei (Nothing), Alex Asseily (Jawbone, Lilium), Mads Fosselius (Dixa), Simon Hähnel (Andhim), and others.

The investment will fuel Dance’s growth initiatives, enabling the company to enhance its infrastructure, technology and overall service quality.

Following the success of the individual membership, Dance is now expanding its business-to-business (B2B) plan. Companies can now offer Dance’s vehicles as an employee benefit. Partnerships have already been established with Urban Sports Club, Outfittery, About You, Niche Beauty, Hello Fresh, BeeToGreen, and Voodoo.

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