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Commute for £1.50 a day with new Forest Subscription 

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Forest has launched a monthly subscription package dubbed ‘Forest Plus’ in response to a spike in user demand saving users up to £113.40 a month. 

For £45 a month users can receive 60 minutes of daily use. 

The subscription is primed to significantly reduce costs for regular users – 60% of which are likely using the service for commutes based on Forest’s data. 

Based on a 30-minute commute, Forest Plus will allow its riders to travel back and forth to work for as little as £1.50 a day. An equivalent two journeys taken via the London Underground using a monthly travel pass would be £5.21. This gives a monthly saving of £113.40.

Head of Marketing at Forest, Michael Stewart, told Zag Daily: “Having seen swathes of Forest users doing multiple journeys daily, we wanted to offer them an even more affordable way to get around. 

“One of the things that makes Forest unique is our affordability, and given the current economic climate we want to keep offering our users practical solutions to allow them to move around in a sustainable, active way.”

The launch of the subscription model comes as Forest reports a 36% month-on-month growth in rides over the summer, equating to a doubling in ridership between May and September this year. 

The overall experience will be streamlined in a single monthly payment, providing transparency regarding travel expenses. Subscribers can start or end their subscription at any time. After a complimentary 60 minutes, riders will transition to paying 23p per minute.

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