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Charity campaign has nearly 1,000 people go car-free in July

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Nearly 1,000 regular drivers gave up their car in July either completely or for key journeys thanks to a ‘Going Car Free 2022’ challenge run by climate charity Possible

The UK-wide challenge invited people to try light electric vehicles and public transport as a means of getting around to help re-evaluate their relationship with private cars.

This could have meant replacing trips such as a grocery shop, commute or school journey for an entire week or month. 

“Going car-free can be a daunting prospect,” Possible’s Head of Car Free Cities, Hirra Khan Adeogun, told Zag Daily. “It is quite a lifestyle change and requires commitment to shake up your habits, so for 1,000 people to join us on that journey is so inspiring.

“Up and down the country people showed that going car-free is not only possible but it can be an exciting and invigorating way to take climate action.” 

To help participants complete the challenge, Possible broke it down into manageable milestones and provided some hot tips. 

Discount codes, prizes and free rides from transport providers including Voi, Brompton and Peddle My Wheels were also provided so that people could try new mobility options. 

The challenge came about following a Going Car Free trial in January this year with 10 people who all had different mobility needs. 

Participants were asked to track things like distance travelled, travel time and how much money they saved so that Possible could learn what works and how the charity could support people. 

Adeogun said: “The Going Car Free challenge was designed to make cutting car use more accessible, and this year, it looks like it succeeded.”

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