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Cake launches all-inclusive subscription service for e-mopeds and e-bikes

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Swedish e-moped and e-bike manufacturer Cake has unveiled a new subscription service for businesses. The company aims to offer a cost-effective alternative to vehicle purchases that requires no down payment. 

Called Cake Subscribe, the new programme provides service and technical support with a model customisable to a company’s needs – be it a single bike, a large fleet or something in between, with no long-term commitments.

The subscription is designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for businesses by providing an all-inclusive service without the need for a down payment, unlike traditional vehicle purchases.

A key project for Cake, the offer is announced following a year of development and collaboration with partners, Cake’s Business Area Director Alex Jonsson told Zag Daily.

“We knew from talking with our customers that they wanted an all-inclusive service with our bikes, service and support but in a more flexible package,” said Jonsson. 

“We’ve had to collaborate extensively with our partners to get the right combination of financing, insurance and service and still at an attractive price.”

Cake’s customers often say that they want to go electric, invest in more high quality vehicles and achieve their sustainability goals, but do not have the money on the table to make that upfront investment.

“Cake Subscribe is our solution to that,” said Jonsson. 

The company has already seen an influx of customers showing interest in Stockholm and Paris, where the service is now available, with more countries to come.

“We know there is a massive demand for this kind of service. Buying a fleet of vehicles is very capital intensive, especially if you have the ambition to buy high-quality and are serious about sustainability. We can’t wait to bring it to even more markets during 2023.”

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