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Brompton’s one millionth bike goes on celebratory world tour

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British bicycle manufacturer Brompton has today announced that it has built its millionth folding bike at the firm’s factory in London, 47 years after it was first invented in 1975. 

The millionth bike will head to 16 global cities with the aim of getting thousands of Brompton’s community to ride it over the course of a year.

At each stop, Brompton will host a ride-out event on the millionth bike alongside city specific discussions on shaping cities for active means of transportation.

“This is an incredible milestone for everyone at Brompton, it’s remarkable to think of the countless journeys that people have taken on the million bikes now out in the world,” Will Butler-Adams, Brompton’s CEO, told Zag Daily.

“2022 has been an exciting year for us with the launch of the T Line, the Electric P Line, and announcing plans for our new factory in Ashford, Kent. We’re going to keep building on that success, and continue to enable people to move better around cities across the globe.”

The millionth vehicle received a special design treatment inspired by one of the brand’s original models, the ‘Mark One’.

It has a red main frame, silver parts and a one-of-a-kind million decal, ID plate, and aluminium touchpoints. The bike has also been signed by founder and inventor Andrew Ritchie and Will Butler-Adams.

This initiative will form part of the brand’s All Together Different campaign for a greener, more connected and more active way of living.

Recently, Brompton transformed an old petrol station in London into a cycling haven during World Car Free Day to show how we can reshape our urban spaces to support the reduction of carbon emissions.

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