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Bolt signs three-year partnership with insurance firm Allianz

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Bolt has signed a three-year partnership with Allianz that will provide insurance to its e-scooter users across 26 countries in Europe.

With Allianz, the shared micromobility operator has launched an insurance programme that automatically provides all Bolt e-scooter users with two types of insurance embedded in the rental fee: personal accident insurance and rider general liability insurance.

This means that riders are insured for their own potential severe injuries as well as for damages that they cause to third parties while riding a Bolt e-scooter.

The scheme has already been rolled out in Norway, Portugal, and Sweden, and will be extended into each of the 26 European towns and cities where Bolt fleets have been deployed.

“At Bolt we are dedicated to making sure our scooters are as safe as possible and we are currently working on several safety features for both scooter riders and pedestrians around them,” said Dmitri Pivovarov, Director of Rentals at Bolt.

“However, unfortunately, accidents still happen. This is where the partnership with Allianz Partners helps us provide the safety net that scooter users need in the busy urban environments where they use our products.”

Michael Maicher, Head of New Mobility for Global Strategic Partnerships at Allianz Partners, added: “As Allianz has been at the forefront of being an important enabler for the future of urban and new mobility, we are extremely proud to strengthen and extend our partnership with one of the fastest-growing mobility platform companies in Europe. Not only are we excited to grow the future of transportation together with Bolt, but we are also looking forward to extending our Allianz micromobility insurance offering to new markets like Estonia, Lithuania and Malta.”

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