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‘Beam for Business’, a win-win-win?

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Australia and New Zealand’s shared micromobility provider Beam has launched ‘Beam for Business’. The new initiative helps businesses entice workers back to the office with free e-scooter and e-bike travel. 

The scheme promises to be a triple win for businesses, employees and Beam. Tom Cooper, Beam’s General Manager (ANZ), told Zag Daily: “As businesses are seeking to attract employees back to offices, we see ‘Beam for Business’ forming part of the arsenal of a business helping their workers get to and from work, as well as around town during the day for meetings and work commitments, all whilst being environmentally friendly.”

‘Beam for Business’ aims to be a practical measure for businesses looking to offer incentives to retain and attract workers. Companies can access a dashboard, outlining kilometres travelled on Beam’s certified climate neutral e-scooters, with employee trips counting positively towards their carbon emissions reduction strategies. 

Matthew King, Managing Director of URPS, an early adopter of this new initiative, said: “The challenge for us, as business leaders, is to keep coming up with new and inventive ways to make being in the office cool again.”

Eligible employees receive a unique activation code to create their ‘Beam for Business’ profile. Choosing between personal and business trips, their employer pays when it is set to business. 

Cooper told Zag Daily: “Our aim is to have shared micromobility fill in time-of-day movement gaps that may otherwise have been fulfilled by a car, particularly for those short trips such as running to a meeting or heading out for lunch.”

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