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45 per cent of firms plan to offer micromobility solutions to employees

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A recent survey by the Smart Mobility Institute found that 45 per cent of firms polled plan to offer micromobility solutions as a perk for employees within three years.

The research polled corporate HR specialists at approximately 50 firms and showed an increasing shift towards micromobility as part of a wider hybrid working model.

Almost 90 per cent of the corporates surveyed have integrated e-mobility into their strategy already, with 45 per cent integrating carshares and 41 per cent focusing on public transport.

Meanwhile, 45 per cent expect to integrate micromobility devices, such as e-scooters or e-bikes, into their approach over the next three years.

Similarly, 45 per cent plan to offer employees a mobility budget within the same timeframe, while 36 per cent are looking at implementing a bike-sharing programme.

In response to the findings, Jean Andrews, Policy Director (Ireland and UK) at Superpedestrian, told Zag that she expects to see more firms collaborating with shared micromobility operators in the future in order to help staff avoid “short journeys by car”.

“Alongside walking, cycling and public transport, micromobility will play important role for companies wishing to assist staff to avoid making short journeys by car or taxi as they return to workplaces,” she said.

“A rise in privately-owned e-scooter commuters would present businesses some challenges, however, such as where to store the vehicles securely, how to recharge them, and how to assist when repairs are required.

“Shared micromobility services address all these concerns. Companies such as Superpedestrian provide well-maintained vehicles that are kept recharged and ready to go, and remove the burden of providing workplace parking. We expect to see more and more forward-thinking companies working with shared micromobility companies, including offering discounts to their staff and requesting parking hubs near to (or even on) their premises.”

Spin already operates a long-term hire scheme in Braintree and Brentwood, where users pay a monthly subscription and get full access to an e-scooter and its UK & Ireland Country Manager Steve Pyer told Zag that he has seen firms utilising this service as a benefit for employees.

“We all know that commuting to work can be a stressful experience for so many reasons,” he said.

“It’s not great when you start or finish your day on a negative note. Integrating micromobility solutions like e-scooters and e-bikes into your journey to the workplace can substantially improve your experience as well as save you time and money. As organisations continuously look to improve employee retention we are seeing more of them integrating subsidised or free e-scooter or e-bike rides into their employee benefit packages.

“In partnership with Braintree Council we are currently trialling a long-term hire model with businesses based at Springwood Industrial Estate in Braintree, Essex. A number of companies based here are offering their employees Spin+ monthly e-scooter subscription so they can scoot to and from work instead of driving their car.”

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