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1,000+ Dott e-scooter batteries given second life powering e-boat

Over 1,200 e-scooter batteries used by micromobility operator Dott have been given a second life by powering an electric boat. 

This has helped avoid 67 T of CO2 emissions by removing the need to produce new batteries. 

The innovative application was made possible by a partnership between French battery management startup Bib Batteries, Manufacturing Partners, a Polish company pioneering in battery up-cycling, and French operator Dott. 

The boat has been renovated and retrofitted with a super-efficient direct-drive axial flux 10 kW electric motor. 

On the process, Pierre-Amans Lapeyre, Co-Founder and CEO of Bib Batteries, told Zag Daily: “It took approximately three weeks to transfer the batteries to the boat, the process was quite simple.”

Combined with a 36kWh 48V modular battery, built from up-cycled cells, it provides a comfortable five knots cruising speed and an impressive range of 100 nautical miles.

Bib Batteries has made it its mission to ensure no battery is needlessly destroyed by collaborating with stakeholders in the circular economy to increase their lifespan. 

Lapeyre said: “We already gave a second-life to 10,000 batteries and currently have plans to give a second-life to 16,000 more from different operators before the end of the year.”

Laurent Kennel, Chief Development Officer, Dott, commented: “Batteries have a significant impact on our overall emissions and we work with a number of partners to find second life uses when they can no longer be used for our e-scooters. By partnering with Bib Batteries, we have been able to help power a new form of green transport for many more years to come.”

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