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Zwings shared e-scooters integrated into Moovit app in the UK

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Shared micromobility operator Zwings has partnered with Moovit, with its e-scooter fleets in the UK now integrated into the Moovit app.

Zwings fleets in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and Yeovil will now be visible via the app, through which users will be able to pay for rides and view their estimated time of arrival.

Moovit has similar agreements across Europe with Helbiz, Spin, Lime, Beryl, and TIER.

In the southwest of England, Moovit Reports show that 6.8 per cent of riders use shared micromobility devices such as e-scooters or e-bikes up to three times a week, while 46.2 per cent of riders use micromobility for the first or last leg of their journey.

In addition, recent data collected by Zwings shows that 94 per cent of riders were in favour of rental e-scooters being made a longer-term part of transport infrastructure, with 92 per cent of respondents considering shared e-scooters an effective substitute for short car journeys.

“It is fantastic to have partnered with Moovit to provide wider, quicker access to a range of transport solutions at the tap of a button,” said Zwings CEO Joe Lewin.

“From short trips across town via e-scooter through to longer distance bus journeys we encourage our community to embrace the future of travel.”

Luke Redfern, Moovit UK Partnerships Manager, added: “Providing Moovit users with a full suite of travel choices is essential to ensuring that public and shared transport is more attractive than using a private car. It’s great to see organisations such as Zwings pioneering change to our mobility system and bringing e-scooters to UK towns and cities. This partnership means users have reliable, accurate and up-to-date information on the availability of Zwings vehicles at all times.”

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