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Zeus launches three-wheeled shared e-scooters in Italy

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Irish shared e-scooter company Zeus has launched its three-wheeled vehicles in Italy, deploying its first fleet in Anzio.

Working in partnership with local operating partner Green Motion, Zeus was appointed by Anzio City Council as the sole provider of rental e-scooters for the city.

Founded in 2019, Zeus launched its first fleet in Germany last year and has expanded into 28 cities across Germany, Norway, Sweden and now Italy, with further plans for expansion across Europe, Asia and the US.

The firm currently has around 3,000 of its three-wheeled e-scooters deployed, with the unique design offering “better safety and stability” for users.

“Together with our local partner Green Motion, we are excited to bring our e-scooters to the beautiful and historical city of Anzio and are delighted to have been chosen by Anzio City Council as the sole provider for the locality,” said CEO and Founder of Zeus Scooters Damian Young.

“Cities everywhere are looking for a convenient, environmentally friendly and safe transport solution. Zeus e-scooters deliver on all fronts and this has been evidenced by the high level of usage by customers in other countries in which they operate. We look forward now with anticipation to serving the micromobiity needs of the people of Anzio.”

Anzio Councilor for Productive Activities, Tourism and Entertainment Policies Valentina Salsedo added: “The safety of users was at the forefront of our selection criteria when it came to choosing the right provider for our city, which is why we awarded the permission to Zeus Scooters, together with local partner Green Motion, as the only provider to offer a more stable three-wheeled scooter option.

“We welcome the arrival of e-scooters to Anzio and see this as another solid step towards the achievement of our mission to build a sustainable and dynamic living environment for our citizens, businesses and visitors.”

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