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Zeus introduces solar e-scooter charging stations in Germany

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Irish mobility company Zeus Scooters has launched a pilot project enabling solar-powered wireless charging for e-scooters in Regensburg, Germany.

The firm’s e-scooters will automatically charge at three solar charging stations, dubbed ‘Zolar’ stations.

According to Zeus, the initiative aims to showcase the potential of solar energy in the micromobility industry and drive the adoption of environmentally responsible solutions.

“Our solar-powered wireless charging stations are revolutionising convenience for e-scooter customers, while optimising operations to reduce congestion and enhance user experience,” Zeus CCO David O’Reilly told Zag Daily. “By providing increased scooter availability at key transit stations in Regensburg, our riders can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable journey. 

“These Zolar stations not only extend operating hours and reduce congestion, but they also align with our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our operational teams can continue to focus on vital operational tasks, saving valuable time on battery-swapping, which results in enhanced efficiency.”

A similar initiative has been demonstrated by the U.S. startup ACTON in Paris. The company’s multimodal hubs can be powered by a dedicated solar source or existing street fixtures such as street lights, advertising boards and bus stations.

Other solutions have used solar panels on the vehicle itself, such as Swedish retail giant Ikea’s solar-powered cargo bikes

Multimodal integration

The ‘Zolar’ stations were placed strategically at three multimodal transfer points in the city based on a company’s study conducted in 2021. It showed that people are more likely to use e-scooters frequently when they are sustainable and easily accessible.

In addition to the solar infrastructure, Zeus will introduce its latest e-scooter model, the Z2, on the streets of Regensburg. 

The model includes pneumatic tires for smooth navigation on cobblestones, turn signals for enhanced safety, an extended battery range and a smartphone holder.

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