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Yup unveils new “agnostic” approach to parking and charging

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Barcelona-based MaaS company Yup has launched a new multi-modal and multi-brand parking solution with wireless charging today at the Micromobility Europe conference.

Dubbed ‘Dixie’, the system uses AI for efficient battery charging accommodating various models of e-scooters and e-bikes from different brands. It also includes optional lockers to store helmets with a cleaning feature.

“It’s a new generation of public charging parking stations for shared scooters and e-bikes with an app system,” Yup’s CEO & Founder Branco Calleja told Zag Daily.

“Dixie is the first hybrid, universal and agnostic dock to house all models and brands with a secure helmet locker. It brings innovation, technology and digitisation at the service of sustainable micromobility,” said Calleja.

Dixie specs

Nominated for the Micromobility Startup Awards, Yup’’s’s parking solution can be powered by sustainable sources and collects data on parking usage, eco-sustainability impact and carbon footprint. 

Dixie is IoT enabled and offers remote control capabilities for security door operations and can receive over-the-air software updates for maintenance and improvements.

Additionally, the system has a modular design that allows easy customisation and scalability to be adapted to the needs of different locations and operators. 

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