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Where To? app adds micromobility services in major update

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App maker FutureTap has revealed its popular location finder app Where To? now supports micromobility services having undergone a major update.

The new version 12.0 integrates with more than 120 bike and scooter providers worldwide, and serves over 700 cities in 47 countries. The app also displays e-mopeds and e-cargo bikes too.

FutureTap’s CEO Ortwin Gentz told Zag Daily: “We are very keen to support green modes of transport, and with micromobility booming around the world, we feel this is a great way to get from point A to B.”

Users can select an operator, and the nearby vehicles and return location show on its map. The nearest bike or scooter is picked automatically and can be adjusted according to the user’s needs. A complete route, consisting of walking and riding parts is then calculated, including an estimate of the total duration.

Where To?

Vehicle battery range is also displayed and marked in red if the range is too short for the planned trip.

With station-based systems, the number of available bikes and free docks per station is indicated. To book the bike or scooter, users click on the operator and the third party app is launched or installed.

The new updates align with FutureTap’s mission to create a more collaborative app ecosystem.

“One aspect that cannot be stressed enough is that, in my experience, the app store is made up of loads of apps all doing their jobs in isolation,” said Gentz. “We feel we should be working together as an app ecosystem and micromobility is an extension of that goal. So the Where To? app can find your location and then you can use another app to book your ride.” 

 The “Shared Bikes & Scooters” category can be found under “Travel & Transportation” in this update.

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